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Insurance rates can increase by as much as 18% after the first ticket and 34% after the second* for the next three years.

* https://www.creditdonkey.com/speeding-statistics.html

  • No Mailing your Ticket.
  • No Office Visits.
  • No Court Appearances.

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Retaining our firm is easy. Answer few questions, submit a photo, and you’re done! No office visits required. No mailing your ticket to court. No court appearances needed.

Keep your Insurance Premiums Low

Even a single ticket will increase your insurance premiums for the next three years. This could cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Keep your record clear.

Keeping Clean Records

Keeping our clients’ driving record clear is our priority and every effort is made to achieve that goal, whether the ticket is dismissed or reduced to a non-moving violation.

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Contest Your Ticket* Rate excludes Negligent Driving 2nd and CDL drivers

Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Tacoma Washington

Being given a traffic ticket can be a nerve-racking process. Residents in Tacoma, Washington will need the best speeding ticket lawyer in Tacoma area to help them with this unfortunate event. We will help you fight all kinds of tickets you may receive. Our success rate is next to none for our Tacoma clients.

Steps to Take

The very first thing you should do when you receive a traffic ticket or violation is decide to fight it. Traffic tickets usually happen when an officer says that you were breaking the law. The burden of proof is on them to show that it is true. If you do not fight it, you are 100% guilty. If you fight it with us, you have almost as much of a chance to win.

The next step is to give us a call. We can sit down with you and discuss what happened, your options, and how we will fight for you. Be sure you don’t pay the fine before you call us, otherwise you will be admitting to the violation.

Why do I Need a Traffic Lawyer?

Not only will it be a huge time waster for you, but such a hassle to try to fight the violation yourself. Our attorney’s here will do all of the work for you, beginning with immediately filing the necessary paperwork to start the process. The best reason to go with a traffic lawyer in Tacoma is that we know all of the laws, both local and state. Utilizing a lawyer will be most beneficial to you when looking for ways to prove your innocence. Plus, we will see it through to the end and make sure your record is clear.

Not only will our knowledge exceed your expectations, but our fees will be reasonable. You will spend less money using our attorney’s. You would have to pay to file everything, go to court, miss time from work, and possibly pay for a babysitter.

Insurance and Record Impact

Possibly one of the most significant benefits to using us to fight your ticket is removing a moving violation from your driving record. If you have a job that requires you to drive at all, this can hugely impact your life and how you provide for yourself and your family. Even if you don’t drive for a living, your driving record is reflected with your insurance company. A violation, or multiple violations, can make your insurance premiums skyrocket. Save money by using our attorney’s.

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As a practicing speeding ticket attorney in Tacoma, Washington we are here and ready to fight your ticket. Whether it is for speeding, riding in the carpool or HOV lane, going too fast for conditions, negligent driving, a DUI, following too closely, or any other violation we are here to help. Let’s make sure your driving record stays clean so that you can continue to drive without any long-term issues. Get in touch with us today and let us know how we can fight for you. Speak to our speeding ticket lawyer in Tacoma today!

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