Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle Traffic Lawyer Tacoma Washington

One of the most expensive traffic violations a driver can receive in Tacoma Washington is Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle. The substantial fine that comes with it makes sense, especially if the emergency vehicle needs to get somewhere fast. If you receive a traffic violation for failure to yield to emergency vehicle, you really should obtain a lawyer, or at the very least some legal advice.

What is the actual cost?

In Tacoma Washington, a driver who receives a failure to yield to emergency vehicle is looking at a fine of about $1,062 currently. In addition to the hefty fine, you should keep in mind that having a traffic violation like this on your record can affect your auto insurance rates. It can even impact your work life if you drive for a living, or work for an employer who runs a motor vehicle report. These days more and more employers are doing this to judge responsibility.

Another problem is that you could also be cited for reckless driving which can tack on even more money to the fine. This can snowball into possible license suspension and maybe even jail time. Failure to yield to emergency vehicle can be one of the most detrimental traffic violations you can receive.

The issue

While this type of traffic violation makes sense, the problem starts where in the law it says a driver must move over “immediately.” Sometimes, if you have your music up loud, for instance, you may not hear the siren. Or, if it is daytime, you may not be able to see the lights if they are on. Who determines what “immediately” means? This can be exacerbated if the weather is bad as well.

What to do

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of receiving the failure to yield to emergency vehicle traffic violation in Tacoma Washington, we suggest contacting our office to speak with one of our experienced attorneys. In these cases, if you try to go to court on your own, you will most likely lose. This is because as a citizen you may not understand the proceeding and laws’ language enough to be able to form a good argument. Our lawyers are well versed in the process and the law, so they are your best option.

Contact us today so we can discuss with you our best plan of action.