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There are several. First, increased insurance premiums for the next three years. Second, a certain number of moving violation on a person’s record will result in them being placed on probation. A violation of probation will result in suspension of their license. Third, challenging moving violations in the future will be tougher if you already have “a record.”
We do not. Parking tickets do not become part of your driving record and do not affect your insurance rates. Therefore, unlike moving violations, there are no costs to you other than the fine on the face of the ticket. You will find that our attorney fee is likely higher than the parking ticket.
Generally, we do not. Camera tickets are processed as parking tickets. Therefore, they do not affect your driving record and insurance rates. Therefore, it does not make sense for you to retain an attorney.
Unfortunately, we cannot predict the future, what facts the officer wrote in the report, who the judge will be, or if the prosecutor will have a bad day in court. However, we make every effort to defend our clients and keep their driving records clean.

How do I get started?

Our goal is to make it easy on our clients. Simply click on the button to get started, answer a few questions, upload a photo of your ticket, and we will take care of everything from there.

Is it worth contesting my ticket?

Paying for the ticket may seem like a cheaper route. However, even the first moving violation will go on your driving record and will remain there for the next three years. That means your insurance premiums will increase for the next three years.

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