Negligent Driving Ticket Attorney in Tacoma Washington

When it comes to traffic tickets or violations, the negligent driving second degree (RW 46.61.525) is probably the worst of the worst. It is the very last step on the traffic violation spectrum before it becomes a criminal case in Tacoma, Washington.

What Is Negligent Driving?

According to the actual written law, the negligent driving second degree means a person who “operates a motor vehicle in a manner that is both negligent and endangers or is likely to endanger any person or property.” For example, if you are following someone closely and maybe weaving in and out of traffic, this could be considered negligent driving. The word negligent in the law, in Tacoma, means failure to use “ordinary care, “which can be left up to interpretation. It is essential that you have a reputable traffic lawyer to help you sort through the mess.

What Can A Lawyer Do?

If you get a ticket for negligent driving second degree in Tacoma, Washington, please give us a call. We can defend you using our most educated attorneys. Even if the charge is not dismissed, we may be able to get it reduced to a lesser charge. The seriousness of this type of infraction is not something to take lightly. Every case can be defended, and we know the laws, both state and local, to help you provide the best case.

Why You Should Fight It

It is imperative that you fight the negligent driving second degree violation to protect your driving record. Even if you don’t have a job in Tacoma, Washington that requires you to drive at all, your driving record can impact other aspects of your life. Your insurance policy is the most prevalent. If this violation is on your driving record, you can guarantee that your insurance premiums will rise. So, the $550 average cost of this kind of ticket is not the only price to pay. Also, if you decide to fight it yourself, you may spend even more money taking time off of work or paying a babysitter, depending on your unique situation.

Receiving a ticket, or violation, for negligent driving second degree can be devastating. Our experienced attorneys are here to help. Get in contact with us today, so we can discuss the events leading up to your violation, and what type of work we can do for you to help get it dismissed or reduced.