Failure to Yield Ticket Lawyer Tacoma, Washington

You were running late to pick up the kids and didn’t realize how fast you were going. You were enjoying your new sports car just a little bit too much. You couldn’t afford to be late to work one more time. All of these situations can earn you a Failure to Yield ticket or violation. Having a traffic lawyer in Tacoma, Washington fight it for you is imperative to continuing life as usual.

What to Do When You Get a Failure to Yield Ticket

If you do get a Failure to Yield ticket or violation in Tacoma, you have some options. You can pay it and then have that moving violation on your record for three years. If you drive for any part of your occupation, this could impact your career. A Failure to Yield ticket, or violation, may then affect your insurance rates for those three years. Your policy can go up all of those years, and you may even have to fight with the insurance company to bring your premium back down when the violation falls off. Talk about a waste of your time.

Best Option

Another, much better option, is to give us a call. We understand how the laws work when it comes to Failure to Yield violations. We also know how the courts and judges are in these cases. The laws are particular and our experienced attorneys are well versed in them. Even if we cannot get it dismissed we may be able to at least reduce it to a non-moving violation which will not impact your insurance or driving record. Allowing us to fight this for you is a no-brainer.

Why Can’t I Fight it Myself?

You certainly have the option to fight the Failure to Yield ticket on your own. The downside to this is it will cost you so much time and aggravation and money. Not only will you have to file the paperwork, and pay the money to do so, but you will also have to miss work to go to court. By using a traffic lawyer in Tacoma, Washington, you can avoid all of these things.

Being given a Failure to Yield ticket or violation can be a stressful situation. Once the situation calms down, and you begin to think about what you want to do, give us a call. Our experienced attorneys can discuss your situation and help you decide if you should fight it.