Driving with Wheels Off Roadway Traffic Lawyer Tacoma Washington

Tacoma Washington has many traffic laws that you may never have even realized. One of them that is not commonly known is driving with wheels off roadway (RCW 46.61.670). As its name suggests, you cannot drive with your tires on the shoulder, unless you are pulling over for a valid reason. If you have received a ticket for driving with wheels off roadway, we can help.

When does it apply?

You might wonder when a police officer would ever pull you ever for something like this, or you may be thinking you never do it. How about when getting off an exit ramp on the highway in Tacoma Washington? Have you ever gone around someone who was turning left while you needed to go right and you drove onto the shoulder, just a tiny bit, so you didn’t have to wait? Even passing someone on the road turning left can have you pulling on to the shoulder. All of these situations can allow an officer to pull you over and give you a violation.

Fight It Using an Attorney

If you do receive one of these violations, don’t just pay it and move on. So many things can be compromised by receiving this violation, or any for that matter. You probably already feel like you spend too much for auto insurance. It can go up due to having the driving with wheels off roadway violation in Tacoma. Also, it will be on your driving record for three years. Even if you don’t drive for a living, many employers are doing background checks to include motor vehicle reports now, so your future employment could be affected.

You may think that because the ticket is under $200 (hopefully) that it would not be worth it to attempt to fight it in court using a lawyer in Tacoma Washington. A lawyer costing more is absolutely not the case. Our expert attorneys can help you with the driving with wheels off roadway violation, often for even less than it would be to pay the ticket. We know the paperwork and the law inside and out and are your best option to fight it in court.

If you received a violation for driving with wheels off roadway, your first step is to give us a call. We can discuss your situation and develop a plan of action to protect your driving record.