Receiving a citation for speeding might sound scary but it’s actually a common thing: nearly 125,000 people get one every day. However, this does not mean you should take your speeding ticket lightly or ignore it, as the consequences may be serious. The first thing you need to do if you have received a citation for speeding is to open and read your ticket. Failure to respond to it may lead to a notice of suspension of your driver’s license so the sooner you act, the better.

What are the consequences of a ticket?

Contrary to common belief, the price of a ticket should not be your only concern. The fine of a speeding ticket can be as high as several hundred dollars, and this doesn’t account for the additional expenses such as court costs, administrative costs, travel expenses, and most importantly increased insurance costs for the next three years! A speeding ticket going on your driving record can severely increase the price of your vehicle insurance premiums. Depending on your driving history, how much over the limit you were going and your current age, you might have to deal with outrageous premium prices. Additionally, having multiple traffic citations (including driving under the influence and speeding) can cause you to lose your driving privileges and have your license revoked.

What happens if I ignore my ticket?

If you fail to respond within 15 days – either by failing to appear at the scheduled hearing or by refusing to pay the penalty, a late fee will be added to the original one. Additionally, you will be declared to have committed an offense, which also appears on your driving record, and your license will be suspended. The most important part is that the court will notify the Department of Licensing of your “failure to respond” which will trigger a license suspension by the DOL.

What to do with my speeding ticket?

Taking care of your traffic ticket does not necessarily mean you have to pay it. Paying the ticket might sometimes be the easiest and hassle-free option but you need to evaluate your circumstances and decide whether to contest it. The Washington state offers three options for speeding tickets: either pay it (which means you pay the full amount and have the ticket go on your record), mitigate it (the ticket still goes on your record but you will only have to pay a small fine), or contest it. Normally, a public defender will not be provided for speeding cases so you will need to hire a traffic lawyer. Depending on your violation and circumstances, the fee may vary. This, of course, does not include the time lost going to court and the increased insurance premiums.

What happens if I contest a speeding ticket?

Contesting is often the best course of action if you have received a citation for speeding. A traffic attorney in Tacoma, Washington, can review your cases and advise you whether to mitigate, contest or pay your fee. If you successfully contest it, the penalty fee may be reduced or the ticket – dismissed. If you have received a citation for speeding in Tacoma, Washington, get in touch with our legal team of traffic attorneys who will evaluate your case, determine the best course of action and help you take care of your ticket in the best possible manner.