Improper Lane Usage Ticket Lawyer Tacoma Washington

You are driving along the highway in Tacoma Washington and come up behind someone driving slowly. Running late for work, you decide to pass them. All of this is perfectly legal, provided you are obeying the speed limit. However, if you remain in the center lane for a more extended period of time than it takes to pass the slower driver safely, you could end up with a driving on roadways laned for traffic violation (RCW 46.61.140). This violation can also be known as improper lane usage.

The above scenario is all too common for drivers in Tacoma. Unfortunately, when there are three lanes and traffic is going both ways, you must use only the middle lane to pass or turn left. Remaining in that lane can result in a traffic ticket worth $187. The only exception to this is if there is another traffic control device directing you to move to another lane.

What to do?

If you receive a violation for improper lane usage, it is essential that you pause for a moment and think about the best course of action. Paying the fine and going about your day may not be the best option for your situation. Do you drive a vehicle for a living? Does your employer run background checks, or are you soon going to be looking for a new job? Do you already live paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford for any of your bills to go up?

All of the above questions will help determine whether or not you should ascertain a lawyer in Tacoma Washington to help you fight the improper lane usage ticket in Tacoma Washington. Our experienced attorneys can assist you in filling for this and throughout the whole preceding.

It is a common misconception that retaining a lawyer to fight in court for you will cost an arm and a leg. Often, our fees for services will end up being less than the ticket. If this is not the case, it will undoubtedly be less than if you try to fight it yourself. There are many steps and a lot of paperwork involved when you decide to go to court, so to save time and money you should hire an educated lawyer.

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