Wrong Way on Freeway Traffic Lawyer Tacoma Washington

One of the most confusing traffic violations a driver in Tacoma Washington can receive is the Wrong Way on Freeway violation (RCW 46.61.150). If you receive an infraction for this, you may wonder why as you probably were not driving the opposite way you are supposed to, as its name suggests. If you ever decide to involve a lawyer on a traffic violation, this is the one.

When does it apply?

The wrong way on freeway traffic violation is meant more to be driving on a median violation. The actual law reads, “No vehicle shall be driven over, across or within any such dividing space, barrier or section, or median island, except through an opening in such physical barrier or dividing section or space or median island, or at a crossover or intersection established by public authority.”

Let’s say you are lost and need to turn around, but there is no opening for miles. You decide to take a change and drive over the small median that separates the two lanes so that you can turn around. Your violation will ready wrong way on freeway. The language will not sound correct as you did not drive the wrong way on a freeway. It is imperative that you have an experienced traffic lawyer in Tacoma Washington help you to interpret this law and fight it in court.

Costs of driving on the median

Doing something as simple as driving over the median when you may not have other options can cost you. You may be surprised to hear that the fine for the wrong way on freeway violation is $423. If you think about the above scenario, you may wonder what could warrant that significant dollar amount. Our lawyers can help determine if this is the correct statute, and if so, we can still help to get it lowered or wholly dismissed.

Not only will you have to pay the fine, but your driving record can be severely impacted as well as your auto insurance rates. Do not just pay the fine, should you be given a wrong way on freeway traffic violation in Tacoma Washington.

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